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Cheapest Flights
It pays to look around for the cheapest flight deals. Often the best deals are found by checking Flight Comparison sites which can compare flight prices across the day you want to fly or even the month you are wanting to fly such as:




Compare Airline charges for check-in bags etc here

Cheap Hotel Deals

You can save up to 75% on the normal rates on Hotel room prices by booking on online sites such as:

Agoda offers up to 75% on hotels worldwide, frequently offers 48 hour sales online and can save you up to 70% on hotels worldwide.

For cheap hostel accommodation check out:

Cheap Car Hire

There are deals available from a range of operators when you search with the big travel search sites such as expedia, Auto Europe etc. Don’t just book on a single car rental companies website when you can search them all at Expedia.

They compare the cheapest car rental companies from around the world to give you the best deals on car rental.

Cheap Travel Insurance Deals

It is often much cheaper to buy your travel insurance online instead of buying with your flights from a travel agent. Things you should do:

    • Check they are a reliable travel insurance company and have industry accreditation. (They should have a contact number for a call centre, postal address & sales staff)
  • Make sure with any policy you’re comparing like for like. Some may provide baggage cover whereas others may not.Always be truthful as if you haven’t told them everything may use this as a reason not to pay you out.
  • Check coverage for extreme sports & what your policy considers extreme (even skiing, rafting etc can be considered extreme).
  • ALWAYS check the small print

European Health Insurance Card

Don’t forget to apply for your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) (used to be called E111) which entitles Irish residents to healthcare through the public system in EU, EEA & Switzerland if you become ill or injured.

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Cheapest Flights

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