Broadband Deals

There are some great deals available on Broadband Packages in Ireland now.

The main broadband providers in Ireland include Eircom, Sky, Vodafone & Virgin Media.

The broadband packages vary in contract length but are usually at least 12 months.

Broadband & Phone Packages

Many of the providers listed below offer discounts from time to time so check out their individual web sites below for their latest offers on Broadband.

Digiweb ie

€49.95/month – Unlimited Broadband up to 100Mb with anytime calls

€70/month – Unlimited Fibre broadband up to 100Mb/s with anytime calls.


Sky Broadband

Offers some great deals online. Can arrange a package deals where you buy Sky TV, Broadband & phone line to save you even more.

You will need to enter your Eircode to see if you can receive Sky in your area.

€45/month – Unlimited Broadband with phone line (up to 24Mb/s)

€45/month – Fibre Unlimited Broadband with phone line (up to 100Mb/s)


Virgin Media

€50/month – unlimited broadband up to 240Mb with anytime calls.


Vodafone ie

€50/month – unlimited broadband up to 100Mb with anytime calls.

Sky offers some packages with free Sky TV package & Sky Hub.
Vodafone offers a free modem when you sign up.


Fibre Broadband is available in select areas of Ireland with greater speeds available.

Another option is mobile broadband providers in Ireland which you can check out on our cheapest mobile deals in Ireland page